Hellboy II: The Golden Army – Movie Review

Hell, boy! Fun, fun, fun. I find it a great movie. Any movie that starts with John Hurt gets extra points unconditionally. If it starts with John Hurt reading – pffff, double the points. The movie is funny, has good comic-book action, has the charm of Hellboy’s humane characteristics (yes, the red horned Ron Perelman … Read more

Mantra – Restaurant Review

Surprised me.  www.mantranj.com 275 E, Rt 4 (Westbound) Paramus, NJ 07652 Phone: 201-342-8868 Map   There used to be a different Indian restaurant in the same location. No comparison. This restaurant is higher-end one, with nice NYC-style decor, a bar that opens till late (relative to this area’s close-by-9PM places) and… very good food. I … Read more

The Dark Knight- Movie Review

Oh so dark and never ending …   Why? Why keep me in the theatre for 2.5 hours? Overall acting was great. Michael Caine is one and only, Heath Ledger did an amazing job, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, all great actors, each in his own (if somewhat crazy) way… but who casted Eric Roberts? … Read more

The Brave One- Movie Review

Yawn…. This is a movie that at the end you think to yourself “Why did they make it”?  “Was there anything original or surprising there? Nah.”. It is not a bad movie when you consider  the acting or the way it is made, but… it is slow, predictable, the music can put you to sleep … Read more

Rambo – Movie Review

Ah, if only it was played by someone else. Look, chapeau to Sly, he’s made a huge franchise(s) and got his undeniable fame and fortune, and the bottom line speaks for itself… The movie is fun…. but…. I can’t ignore looking at his face and getting the sensation that he “ain’t the sharpest tool in … Read more

Hancock – Movie Review

And I like it… Fun movie, good story if a little predictable at some point, and Charlize Theron is really hot (well, maybe Will is hot too, but I don’t swing that way…). The movie is done well, funny, has good action in it, realistic in a comic-book sense, where the super hero has power … Read more