Know who your enemy is.

I’m calling all peace-seeking Gaza residents. Know who your enemy is. It should be obvious. Hamas, as we clearly know now, does not want peace. If the majority of the people in Gaza want peace, why don’t they fight Hamas? That is your enemy. Even if people in Gaza are not armed, by now, in the chaos and craziness, … Read more

Quiche Veggie and Not-So-Veggie

Quiche two ways

I cooked for a dinner party here a couple of days ago. My sister is vegetarian, but we have a bunch of carnivores, so I decided (among other things) to make two versions of quiche, veggie, and not so veggie. Both came out pretty excellent. Note that I added spices to the dough. It gives it flavor … Read more

I just saw Herzl at a bar.

Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl at a bar

I just saw Herzl at a bar. You know, Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl. At first I thought, oh boy, maybe he’s here to drink away his sorrows, with Israel, the modern state he envisioned, forced to fight, defending itself from Hamas’ barrage of missiles, and from ridicules public opinions, blamed for not being careful enough in its … Read more

Really Roger? My response to Roger Waters

This is in response to Roger Waters’  “A note from Roger – July 11, 2014“, and to his overall anti-Israel opinion. Really Roger? I’d like to see your reaction if Italians would break into your house and try to butcher your wife Laurie. Or try and shoot your son Jack in his house, or bomb … Read more

Low Carbs Banana Bread

We love banana bread. Yesterday I looked at the three “riper than desired” bananas on my kitchen island and though that would be their destination, but wanted to reduce the carbs bomb a bit…. So I replaced the flour with almond meal, a few small tweaks, and it came out so good! You can get … Read more