Facebook now allows you to post!

In a bold move that shook the social networks industry, and left trillions of creatures around the universe with their jaw or whatever other body part dropped, Facebook made today an announcement that can only described as innovative, ground breaking and brave! Mark the date! As of today, Facebook will allow you to post stuff! … Read more


This just in! The Biden administration, in collaboration with Anthony Faultci that in late 2019 got to an agreement with China that only certified organic COVID-19 viruses will be released to the public, has just announced that after lengthy discussions, that took over 7 minutes, a new agreement with China was reached, and all COVID-19 … Read more

Flipping Bangers

Flipping Bangers. Gus Gregory, Will Trickett.

So yes I’m also fixing and fixin’ cars when I get a chance. Someone once said that I get bored easily. Anyway, flipping (no pun intended) channels a while ago, I found that program called “Flipping Bangers”. It’s two brits buying cars in bad shape and trying to fix and sell them within five days … Read more