Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Movie Review

Let me start by saying I really like Harrison Ford (Han Solo was the coolest Star Wars character by far), in my opinion the first Indiana Jones movie was amazingly entertaining, and the second and third  were not as good, but were fun as well.

So I went to see the new movie a couple of weeks ago.  The theatre was packed, and the only seats available were pretty close to the screen.  It doesn’t bother me too much, it is more like being emerged in the scenes, it is more difficult to see the whole picture at once and your neck gets tiff.

The movie was very entertaining, one action scene after the other… But a major element was very un-Indiana, the sci-fi, so I felt, was way too sci-fi-ish for an IJ movie. In the other movies, there were elements of mystical powers, but this alien emphasis was really too much for me. Indiana Jones Close Encounters Of The Third Kind combo deal. It didn’t chew very well with me.

Biblical forces, old or new testament, worked great and fit the story line in the older movies. Creatures resembling the monsters from Alien, not a good fit. I was waiting for something to burst out of John Hurt’s belly, and for the music from “Encounters Of”.  And worse, there’s that “Nuke The Fridge” moment (a “jump the shark” wannabe).





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