Pickled Lemons

This is really simple. Pickled lemons are commonly used in northern Africa for cooking, in sandwiches, with goat cheese, with fish, i.e. anything and everything you want.

Pickled Lemon

So here’s the simple way to make it. Use a clean (best to sterilized) jar that will get pretty much full with the amount of lemons you use. I use a small mason jar with 3-4 lemons. The lemons should have a not-too-thick rind. Wash lemon well, cut the two tips and discard, then slice the lemons thing, 1/8″ or so.

Squeeze out the seeds from each slice with your fingers, It’s way easier than it sounds, after a few slices you’ll do it real fast.

Mix a few tbsp kosher salt with half a tsp of paprika. Dip each slice on side in the salt, and throw in jar with salt site down. Fill the jar while pressing slices to pack them well. Fill the jar to almost the top with lemon juice. Top with a little olive oil, close jar and leave at room temp for a week.

That’s it, it’s ready. If you can wait 10-14 days before opening it even better. If you’re bored during the wait, shake the jar lightly from time to time. Psychologically it will help the lemons and you. Once you opened it, better keep it in the fridge.

This is what you’ll use: 6-7 lemons, kosher salt, paprika, olive oil, jar.

You can chop them, blend them, use the juice from the jar for salad dressing, use them in pasta sauce etc. etc.

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