OpineAway Gameplan

A friend asked me “what would Trump do right now?”.

Here’s my answer (and then some).

Trump would not get into this situation. But if you asked…

IThis is what I think should be done:

  • Get the US to the highest level of oil/gas production ever.
  • Supply oil/gas to Europe.
  • Suffocate Iran and Russia by eliminating the need for their oil production.
  • Shut Iran’s export of oil to China. Use military power if needed.
  • Refill US oil reserves (that Biden depleted to 50%).
  • Have one on one conversations with all country leaders that are substantial players in the world and explain to them who’s in charge and what the plan is.
  • Shut down US borders for any illegal entry in any means necessary
  • Implement emergency handling of all US illegal immigrants with first priority to ones that has any connection to terror organizations (estimated hundreds to thousands that snuck in with the
    seven million illegals that got in the US since Biden got into office), priority two to anyone that has connections to Mexican cartels.
  • Simplify IRS tax laws and encourage production of anything and everything in the US.
  • Fire half of IRS agents. Use the budget to federally fund states police, border control and military.
  • Transfer more aircraft carriers and war ships to Mediterranean Sea/Israel, and station a substantial amount of troops in Israel and Europe to be on alerts.
  • Meet with European leaders for joint anti-terror forces with Israeli consultants sitting at the table.
  • Have Europe station troops on alert following US lead.
  • Enteri into high gear production of as many weapons and weapon systems as possible.
  • Warp speed project to build dozens of atomic power stations across the US and US territories.
  • Working with Israel on targeted plans to eliminate atomic weapons and cyber centers in Iran, Russia, China and North Korea.
  • Full support of Israel in deep cleansing of all terror groups including Hamas, Hizballah, Islamic Jihad and
  • Unconditional elimination of anyone supporting and connected with terror worldwide.
  • Any country that there is a unanimously defined by US coalition as supporting terror should have full economic sanctions suffocating it financially. Any citizens that would like to fight the terror
    supporting regime will be evacuated, trained and send back equipped to fight for their land.
  • Prosecuting anyone that is conducting hate speed against anyone, Jews, Blacks, Whites, Asians, gays,
    straights, pink, ANYONE. Hate speech is illegal, it is not free speech.
  • Relax gun laws and license to carry, while tightening mental checks and have mandatory training and test in order to purchase guns (much like driving a car).

I’m sure there’s more…but that should be a good start.

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