Speedy Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

Starting with a confession, this recipe is speedy because it’s using precooked meat, see Ghetto Sous Vide . Now on with the show. We’ll use one frying pan for everything 🙂 Ingredients: Wide noodles Olive oil Butter Mushrooms (I used oyster and baby bella) sliced to big pieces Onion sliced to thin half rings Garlic … Read more

Biden will become a martyr

Well, here’s a risky thing to write, a prediction…ha…yep. So here’s what I believe is very plausible. Biden, within the next, let’s say, 18 months, will deteriorate so much cognitively, that he will step down. Now, that’s not a risky prediction, at this point most people will be surprised if it will not happen. What … Read more

Pete Buttigieg

You gotta be impressed with Pete Buttigieg. It’s only been a few weeks and it seems that he’s back to his normal weight after the pregnancy.

Curry Powder Recipe

OpineAway Curry Powder Recipe

I made curry myself because, wait for it, I couldn’t find it in Indian grocery stores. Really. I looked in 3 different stores and then I guessed Indians (generalization of course) do not use curry powder because they combine the spices themselves at home. Then I researched and I was right… Online info claims curry … Read more

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