OpineAway Gameplan

A friend asked me “what would Trump do right now?”. Here’s my answer (and then some). Trump would not get into this situation. But if you asked… IThis is what I think should be done: Get the US to the highest level of oil/gas production ever. Supply oil/gas to Europe. Suffocate Iran and Russia by eliminating the … Read more

Israel / Gaza /Hamas facts only

Israel Gaza Hamas Facts Only

There has been and still is a lot of confusion, misinformation and ignorance with regard to the facts and the situation in Israel. This post will try to present facts and will be updated if needed. Practical and civil comments are more than welcome, and any fact-based corrections will be immediately corrected. Updated Nov 6. … Read more

Speedy Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

Starting with a confession, this recipe is speedy because it’s using precooked meat, see Ghetto Sous Vide . Now on with the show. We’ll use one frying pan for everything 🙂 Ingredients: Wide noodles Olive oil Butter Mushrooms (I used oyster and baby bella) sliced to big pieces Onion sliced to thin half rings Garlic … Read more

Biden will become a martyr

Well, here’s a risky thing to write, a prediction…ha…yep. So here’s what I believe is very plausible. Biden, within the next, let’s say, 18 months, will deteriorate so much cognitively, that he will step down. Now, that’s not a risky prediction, at this point most people will be surprised if it will not happen. What … Read more

Pete Buttigieg

You gotta be impressed with Pete Buttigieg. It’s only been a few weeks and it seems that he’s back to his normal weight after the pregnancy.

Curry Powder Recipe

OpineAway Curry Powder Recipe

I made curry myself because, wait for it, I couldn’t find it in Indian grocery stores. Really. I looked in 3 different stores and then I guessed Indians (generalization of course) do not use curry powder because they combine the spices themselves at home. Then I researched and I was right… Online info claims curry … Read more