Biden will become a martyr

Well, here’s a risky thing to write, a prediction…ha…yep.

So here’s what I believe is very plausible. Biden, within the next, let’s say, 18 months, will deteriorate so much cognitively, that he will step down. Now, that’s not a risky prediction, at this point most people will be surprised if it will not happen.

What I predict is that, when it happens, the media will make him a martyr (even if he’s alive), they will say he gave his life for public service, will make him a hero. He was the victim of scrutiny from the right, and the pressure made him worse, etc. . “Poor Joe”, “he is the victim” will be the narrative.

This of course, while the country is going down the drain with Biden & Co’s good work, plus we’ll then get Kamala which will be even worse, so we have to brace ourselves until 2024.


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