I’m not going to mention any specific name in this insert, but I’ll try and do some restaurant reviews (my kind of review…) in separate notes. Live 15 minutes from NYC, love food, cook myself, and visit a good amount of restaurants, and believe I have a good pallet for food – which of course is very individual, but I can usually distinguish between generic good and something that probably I’m the only one in the world that calls it tasty…

My opinion about a restaurant is highly dependent on the reason of going to it. Am I going mainly to eat good food, am I in a hurry, is it a family chaw, are we going out with friends… so there no common “rating” in my opinion (of course) but an “occasion” dependent rating.

What I really get annoyed about is highly priced restaurants that serve mediocre (or worse) food, and portions that insult you (not looking for the whole cow on my plate, but getting a quarter size Spicy Tuna Tarter for $17 is what I call insulting). There are many restaurants like that, sometimes I’m really surprised they survive, my guess is that many people who spent over $100 per person in a restaurant rather say it was great than admit to others they got screwed on their anniversary. They don’t even admit it to themselves…

So Here’s how I’m going to rate my restaurants:

Rating in all entries will be 1-10, 10 is best (duh).

Rating of food by style of visit:

  • Family – going out parents with kids (by kids I mean 7-15, older and they will tell you where to go, younger and you’re into a whole different ball game).
  • Friends – going out a group of friends (two or more couples)
  • Out of towners – taking out you guests from England (or Australia, or Holland).   
  • Unmarried – if I need to explain you’re probably in that group.
  • In and out – quick bite before the movie…

Rating of décor will use the same style categories.

Needless to say, I might change this in the future, as I start putting in restaurants I’m sure I’ll figure some stuff need to be changed…


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