Oil Prices

The Arab countries still have us by the balls. One word from Iran about sanctions and prices jump up even more. I don’t want to get into a discussion about Iran because I’m trying to stay calm.
There are many who’ll argue about the price of fuel (blown up for no real reason, high tax rates (US average tax, Federal plus State is over half a dollar per gallon….), but reducing the oil price is not the solution in my opinion. Oil is something that made the human race spoiled. It gave us relatively easy energy source, and we became so dependent on it that we are willing to pay prices that are getting higher daily now.
Since the early 1900’s oil prices were overall going down steadily (adjusted for inflation) until the late 70’s, then prices had gone up (with a few anomalies on the way) to the current level which is 4-5 times higher.
So oil prices are getting to a level that prevents us from being spoiled anymore, and humanity has to find new sources of energy that will bring energy prices down. I wrote before that I believe the answer is Nuclear Power Plants – of course wind powered generators, hydroelectric power (not just dams, but also ocean waves) and solar power can be used, but for the ever increasing amount of energy needed, I truly believe Nuclear energy is the solution. I also predict (carefully), that we’ll be able to harness the earth’s super-hot magma for power generation, and I use that prediction in other writings of mine.
The process of change will not be fast. The huge amount of infrastructure that creates and use energy in our fuel based society will take many years to change. Market forces (for example the car industry) will work hard to keep it the way it is, the cost of changing is huge, both for making the products (cars) and the infrastructure (fueling). But the change is unavoidable, as economy of oil doesn’t make sense anymore.

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