Footfall by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle – Book Review

There are a zillion alien invasion stories, so making one that is good became a challenge. It seems that Niven and Pournelle took that challenge seriously with this book,  and came out with a refreshing novel  that packs many in-depth look at how an alien race will think and act, and at the same time how humans will react and think.

For most of it, the plot holds real good, and the characters are built nice, you get to know them and their behavior and quirks.

There’s a bit of an old Russia element in the story, which didn’t bother me, and at first the book is a little slow, but it’s worth reading past it to get to the invasion and on.

Personally, I would prefer some more descriptions of technology, and would prefer the book to be a little shorter, but this was a great read and kept me taking it with me everywhere I went…

L. Widgets

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