Hellboy II: The Golden Army – Movie Review

Hell, boy!

Fun, fun, fun. I find it a great movie. Any movie that starts with John Hurt gets extra points unconditionally. If it starts with John Hurt reading – pffff, double the points.

The movie is funny, has good comic-book action, has the charm of Hellboy’s humane characteristics (yes, the red horned Ron Perelman has charm as much as it is hard to believe) which is making it so hilarious. Selma Blair is doing a great job, and her relationship and dialogs with “the boy” are most excellent. Doug Jones is doing a perfect Abe Sapien and has one of the funniest scenes in the movie with Hellboy… will not spoil…  Action scenes, if it is Hellboy’s brute force or the prince’s smooth moves, all done great and are fun to watch. Costumes and scenery are awesome.  Computer graphics are excellent.

No need to write a long reveiw on this one.  It is a fun movie that you want to see. 




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