Smoked/Roasted beef – Recipe


Was asked one day “I have this meat, how should I cook it?”, so I had to come with a quick answer… Here it is:


A nice piece of meat for roasting, rib eye (or prime rib) will be good,  1/2 Lb per person

A stick of butter,  room temperature soft

Olive oil

Coarsely ground black pepper

smoked habanero (you can find it at ) or other hot red pepper.


Dry herbs blend (spices rack in the supermarket.)

Cloves of garlic (about 2-4 per pound of meat).

Wood chips for smoking (hickory, cherry, pecan, apple, whatever…).


You’ll also need a grill with a rotisserie attachment.



Make small cuts 1” deep in random locations in the meat, and push a garlic clove in each as you cut.

Next steps will be advices to do with disposable gloves.

Take the butter, and smear it all over the meat, massaging it in. Work it to get it in all over. Take some olive oil, and do the same. Take your time with it, do it with love…

In a bowl, take a very generous amount of the black pepper, some smoked habanero (very spicy, so up to you…), some salt and some dry herbs, mix them all together.

Take the spices mix, and spread it all over the meat, generously. You can never have too much of the black pepper, so add more as seems right.

Put the meat on the rotisserie skewer.  Don’t put it in the grill just yet…


Put the wood chips in the grill. I don’t wet them as they instruct you. I put them in, and add more every hours or so, to keep lots of smoke going all the time. If you don’t have a place to put them in your grill, you want them over the flame in aluminum foil.


Light the fire under the wood chips. This fire should not be directly under the meat when you put it in. If you have a rotisserie flame at the back of your grill, that’s the one you should use. Otherwise, you want a flame in one side of the grill, and the meat in the other side.


Let the grill heat up until the chips start to produce some. Put the meat in the grill, and turn on the rotisserie. Close the lead, and let the meat turn in the smoke. You want to make sure that when you put the meat in there’s a lot of smoke, because this is when the meat is open and will get in lots of the smoke.


Now let it cook…  a piece that’s 6-8Lb I cook for about 3 hours.  When the smoke stops, I add more wood chips, the more smoke the better.


After about 3 hours, you can take the meat out, but don’t cut it for 10-15 minutes, otherwise it will lose lots of the juices. After waiting a little, cut and enjoy. 

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