I discovered who Q is!

Many of you might have heard about Qanon, which was started by the mysterious Q.
I was late to hear about this earth shattering piece of information, but once I learned about it I kept hearing about it again and again, even heard president Trump being asked about it.

But an hour ago I figured it out. I know who Q is!

Most Americans won’t recognize this. Australians and Israelis that watched TV kids shows in the 70’s will recognize it right away. I’ll give them a clue. Ask Jeremiah Quizzle.

The Lost Islands, an Australian TV show (Wiki) had the mysterious almighty Q ! That’s it! Here he is:

So now we know. exciting.


  • What about Star Treks Q? He also needed a huge suspension of disbelief

    • Good point! But we know how he looks like… Star Trek Q

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