First I rejected people saying that all whites are White Supremacists, because I’m kinda of white and took it personally (well, I was born to a Jewish mother from Poland and she and I were pretty dark-skinned especially during Israeli summers, and my father’s parents (yes also Jews) were from Bessarabia. My father and I were born in Israel, which is technically Asia, so I guess I can define myself as an Eastern European Asian Middle Eastern with possible roots in somewhere else, twice removed, currently pretty white-skinned).

Anyway, back to people claiming me, as part of a global group of pretty white to very white skinned people, being a White Supremacist. I didn’t like it, but I have to admit, especially because of poor exposure to the sun for the last year and a half like most people, I’m whitish now. So that’s a check mark for the first part of that definition, I’m on the white side of the light skin spectrum.

But what about the “Supremacist” part? Well I got to the undisputed realization that I’m smarter than all people that are more stupid than me. This definitely, specifically in that aspect, makes me superior to them, regardless of their race, fate, gender, age, how they define themselves or where they were born.

So it’s not an all inclusive definition, but I will not argue with anyone that’s more stupid than me which claims, directly or indirectly, that I am a white supremacist – as I’m pretty white, and at least as related to them, I’m a supreme human. I also cook and a pretty good backgammon player. Swipe right!

Oh dear, too much in common with me.

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  1. I agree! I am definitely smarter than people who are more stupid than me, and I can’t tan for sh*t. That must make me a Supreme Being too ❤️


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