Flipping Bangers

So yes I’m also fixing and fixin’ cars when I get a chance. Someone once said that I get bored easily. Anyway, flipping (no pun intended) channels a while ago, I found that program called “Flipping Bangers”. It’s two brits buying cars in bad shape and trying to fix and sell them within five days and at least double their money. Sounds like a million other shows, but I find these guys real cool, and the show real fun.

They drink tea (and spill some every time they throw the mugs on the table), they go for a pint at the end of the day, speak in very British English and it is so refreshing that they are down-to-earth, unpretentious guys.

To date I saw episodes from only two seasons but I just found that at least three episodes were done for a season 3 – I sure hope it will continue, as I really like these guys and the show. Just look at this image and you’ll get it. Gus Gregory & Will Trickett.

Flipping Bangers. Gus Gregory, Will Trickett.

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