Shop For FREE! Smash & Grab Friday

They are making it an official annual event! The Friday before Thanksgiving will now be called Smash & Grab Friday. There’s nothing like free crap to show the holidays spirit.

A source in the well established CCA (Criminal Consumer Association) just leaked that as part of Criminal Prime the Friday will be extended and become Smash & Grab Friday Week, to give enough time and opportunities to Lowlifes across the nation to take advantage of it. You can sign up to Criminal Prime on the CCA website where you can purchase a weekly extortion subscription for the service.

In a statement to Fakin’News JJ “Hotstepper” Jones, an LLM (Lowlives Matter) official, stated “Yep, if we can get in who’s gonna stop us? And if we’re already there, we can’t leave empty handed, after all it’s the holidays and shit”.

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