This time I saw it – Iron Man – Movie Reveiw

OK, this time there was no storm that stopped me from seeing it…

This is a real fun movie. Robert Downey Jr. is an excellent cast to it, and Jeff Bridges looks pretty damn cool with the bold head and beard (better than he ever did in my opinion) – a great legacy to the Yul Brynner look… Gwyneth Paltrow looks pretty damn amazing, both in her “office” outfit, and in a low low back revealing night dress…  Leslie Bibb, well, is Leslie Bibb, eye-candy, enough said.

Great action, nice effects, comic-book humor, good balance of elements. At the climax, I felt that at one point it was a little too “Transformers” like, but forgivable…

Some nice technology showoffs, as the MMI to his design computer let him wave his hands to move drawings between screens and a 3D representation, reminding of the scene with Tom Cruise in Minority Report, but taking the interaction with the 3D image a step further… Also making fun of technology quirks as voice recognition and interpretation that’s not always working in an, well, optimal way, I find well balanced between realistic issues and comic wit. 

Fun movie, good casting, go and have fun. Make sure you use good surround sound and a big screen if you see it at home… under 42” – seat real close to the screen….


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