Power outages

We have PSE&G here, I also have experience with ConEdison (NYC).  Same. The system is lousy. The service is lousy. Prices are high.

In our area, all power lines are up on the poles, nothing is in the ground. Every time there’s a storm or strong wind trees and branches are falling. Every time they cut power lines, and there are power outages, blackouts or brownouts. Then it takes them sometimes days to get it fixed, stop traffic for hours or days, fire trucks, police, the whole shebang…

Burry those wires in the ground! To make it easier, every time a section is damaged, burry instead of fixing it as is. Or do the whole thing as one big project, but do something…

Unlike in newer cities, where planning of the utilities was done before the houses were there, this old infrastructure of hanging all the wires in the air (so ugly) has been added in many cases after many of the houses were built, and has been there for decades.

Time to change!


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