You don’t mess with the Zohan– Movie Review

 I saw it last night. I kinda like Adam Sandler and think he’s a pretty funny guy (disclaimer…). But he can take humor to a very low level…

The movie, although very funny at times, is vulgar to an un-tasteful level, and gives you a “how stupid can it get” feeling. In a way It’s like a Borat sequel.

Adam Sandler’s Israeli accent is missing the point, and so is Rob Schneider’s Arab accent. John Turturro looks the same as always, more Italian than Arab for sure… I found it real funny (in a good way) that Robert Smigel was playing an Israeli, and Dave Matthews, although doing only an OK job, as a trigger happy racist gang leader.

As I wrote, some parts are really funny, I’ll give it that. A couple of Rob’s scenes are hilarious, as well as other scenes (a zillion Arabs getting out of one taxi, etc.), the plot has a good potential to it, Emmanuelle Chriqui is beautiful… but the repeating jokes (Humus being eaten/used every two minutes, sex scenes over and over again, Fizzy Bubblech soft drink again and again…) are getting old real fast, and the goose bumps you get from feeling ashamed for the stupidity the cast is playing really spoils it.

Definitely don’t take your kids to it. You’ll be so embarrassed that you’ll cover your head and will want to bury yourself somewhere.

So, unless you’re in a real silly mood and have a couple of hours to burn, don’t mess with the Zohan, you’ll feel like you wasted your time…


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