Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind– Book Review

The form of art in this book is not just writing a great story that keeps you on your toes and sucks you into it – it’s the description of the smells that makes you actually smell the scenes while reading, and writing in a way that instead of making you throw away the book before finishing it because of the disturbing characteristics of the main character, makes you want to keep reading it with no interruption all the way through the end….

The book is mesmerizing in that way, and when the author describes a scene like the fish market, you can smell the disgusting fish stand and feel the slime, fish scales, blood and dirt, and when it is a scene with a beautiful girl, your whole senses are working with the description…

A great book that will keep you reading through it, not light reading by any way as the twisted mind of the main character will twist your mind, but easy to read as it needs no effort to stay with the story.

Definitely a great read….

L. Widgets

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