The Happening – Movie Review

Don’t bother.

I love sci-fi, but the acting and the dialogs in this movie make it so only-for-video C movie that it is ridicules.

Mark Wahlberg  played in a few movies I really liked (The Big Hit was one of them, funny and easy to watch action movie, Shooter, The Italian Job….), and maybe is not the greatest actor, but decent, but in this movie the dialogs were at times so lame that even the greatest actor wouldn’t sound good (on the other hand, a great actor wouldn’t agree to take the role with such dialogs…).

The only excuse I can find for the lame dialog and acting is maybe they tried to do it very realistic – but it was so very bad…. Even John Leguizamo was lame, which he’s really not usually…

Alan Ruck (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” as Matthew Broderrick’s friend)  with  a two seconds appearance as the Principal was pretty funny and cute but anecdotal…

To top it off, the story is shallow and the “scary” scenes are, well, not Hitchcockish….

Don’t bother. I wouldn’t even waste my time seeing it on DVD. Sorry Marky Mark, this one was pretty bad.



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