Wanted – Movie Review

Good but could’ve been better.

Overall a good action movie. Has a certain fresh approach in it.  A little farfetched at times, but not too much to make you annoyed.

James McAvoy is doing a good job as the lead role, being converted from a pushover cubical resident to a tough ass kicking pro. I liked him in The Last King of Scotland, and he’s good here, my only thing was that his narration was not great, something didn’t flow right – my take of it is that while he’s getting tougher his narration voice isn’t… but there’s also the fact that Morgan Freeman’s voice is there, putting anyone’s narration to shame… (James Earl Jones wasn’t in the movie…).

Angelina (should I write Jolie? Isn’t it obvious by now) is playing her cool tough beautiful girl’s role as usual, probably most of the tattoos are hers anyway. I felt like her cool beauty is being pushed too much by now, taking it for granted that all she needs to do is stand there and stare and we all melt immediately.  I find it pretentious and un-cool. If she did the exact same thing ten years ago, I’d say she’s cool, but now, blah.

Morgan Freeman was OK, not more than that. His final speech left me with a very shallow feeling about his acting. Sorry. Maybe it’s me. I find his coolest role to be the Moorish warrior in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  As I said, maybe it’s me.

Action scenes range from pretty good  to excellent. Some scenes are a little too expected, the scene with Angelina using an “around corners” apparatus didn’t stick well to the rest of the movie and  I found like it was forced in because they thought it would be cool for her to use it. Wrong move…

So,  to wrap it up, I think it is a good action movie, maybe just a little too long, and if it wasn’t trying to be a comic-book-genre it could have been an excellent action movie…

Go and see for yourself, it’s a fun movie…


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