Hancock – Movie Review

Hancock movie reveiw picture

And I like it…

Fun movie, good story if a little predictable at some point, and Charlize Theron is really hot (well, maybe Will is hot too, but I don’t swing that way…).

The movie is done well, funny, has good action in it, realistic in a comic-book sense, where the super hero has power but his shades still break. 

Will Smith is playing great, cool, and beefed up for the job… A few corny moments, but many funny cool ones.  Jason Bateman is excellent at his role, it’s no news he’s a good actor, and he keeps his reputation intact.

There are a few parts of the movie that are over-doing some stuff, some parts that are too corny and predictable, but nothing is bad or long enough to spoil the fun.

Go and see it, you’ll like it.


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