Bangkok Dangerous (2008) – Movie Review

Cage, cage.

Bangkok Dangerous 

I wanted to start with a witty “Mr. Cage, you are very cagy”, but it doesn’t mean anything, so I’ll skip it. Nicolas Cage just always has that sad expression on his face, and he can’t get very exciting…. Gloomy expression continually? Come on…

The movie has some reasonably good action scenes in it, but: 

A. You can’t really ignore the scenes that are taken from other movies, as the long motor boat chase which is very James Bond like (The Man with the Golden Gun) or jumping into the bath tab to avoid the explosion (Lethal Weapon), even the elephant scene reminded me of the James Bond movie…. Won’t spoil, but there’s also one scene brutally ripped from the last “Die Hard”….

B. Too many yawing parts. Come on. Romantic scenes over stretched and bad editing showing Cage dramatically looking with his Basset Hound face (you know, the Hush Puppies dog).

So, if you ask me ( J ), you can wait for the DVD. Could’ve been a 4 stars movie with a different actor and better editing – barely makes it to 3 stars as is… If you really like Cage – go and see it now…




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