BBQ anything – Recipe

This one is simple and delicious. Can be done with chicken wings, strips of beef, ribs (baby back or spare cut into individual ribs), prime rib, etc.
You start with mixing the sauce. You need a good amount of sauce, to not just cover all the meat, but also to let the meat be immersed in it, at least partially.
You can make your own BBQ sauce, based on ketchup, mustard and molasses mixed together; you can add honey, sugar, spices, whatever comes to mind…
Or you can take a short cut and start with readymade BBQ sauce – when I do that, I usually use a few mixed together – spicy, smoked, honey, you have to be creative.
I also add honey, a little soy sauce, sometimes some maple syrup, brown sugar, maybe a little vinegar, hot pepper, smoked habanero (you can find it at ), garlic (crash a few cloves with the side of a wide knife and throw them in), you can add some onion soup powder, or onion powder you buy as a spice.
Taste the sauce. If it is good now, it will be good later.
Put whatever meat/chicken you use into the sauce, and let it marinate for an hour or so. If you don’t have enough time, skip the marinating time… Lick your fingers to make sure you really like the sauce, and add whatever to improve it…
Put the meat with all the sauce in an oven pan and cover with aluminum foil. Put in the oven, about 350 degrees (f) for 2-3 hours. Yes, it has to be at least that. But don’t let it just sit there:
After the first half an hour, turn the meat over inside the sauce. You’ll do this over and over again, as much as you can, but at least 5-10 minutes apart. At the beginning not as frequent, but more and more toward the end. The meat (or wings or whatever) will start to build a sauce cover over it, that will get darker and thicker. Keep rotating, and replace the aluminum foil over it each time, but loose, so the liquids can evaporate but will not expose the meat to direct heat.
About 15 minutes before you want to eat, remove the aluminum foil completely. At this point, the sauce should be much thicker that what you started with, and the meat should be very tender, so handle with care… Put the oven on broil, and rotate every couple of minutes, to avoid burning but to really tan it nicely and get a good cover of sauce over everything.
Remove from the oven, let it cool a little because it will be very hot, and enjoy. Make sure you make enough, it will go fast… Can be served with white rice, corn on the cob, and lots of napkins.


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