Small businesses

This is a comment I posted to this article:  “Small businesses: Obama worse than Lehman collapse

I live in north east NJ. All you have to do is drive around and see how many stores are empty with a “for rent” sign on them. You can do as many interpretations of the statistical information,  try to extract conclusions out of them and analyze the situation, or just open your eyes and see what is really happening.

Small businesses are getting crushed between no spending and no support to keep them afloat. Despite Obama’s promises over 4 years ago (during his first campaign) that loans will become available for small business, the reality is that it is virtually impossible for a small business to get a loan. What was done to help small businesses since he was elected?  If something was done, I can’t see the results, for sure not around here.

The proof is in the no-pudding. Small businesses are closing left and right, and the fiscal cliff will accelerate it even more. Whatever Obama was and is doing to date results in a lot of empty commercial spaces. Analyze that.

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