Really Roger? My response to Roger Waters

This is in response to Roger Waters’  “A note from Roger – July 11, 2014“, and to his overall anti-Israel opinion.

Really Roger? I’d like to see your reaction if Italians would break into your house and try to butcher your wife Laurie. Or try and shoot your son Jack in his house, or bomb your kids Harry and India’s houses. I’m sure you will say “Hey, it’s fine, Brutus is Britain’s founding father, Italians have the right.” And then when they will poke your eyes out laughing at you while you try to talk sense to them, I’m sure you’ll say “Oh well, it used to be their land after all”. Should Dutch descended Americans justify a Native American trying to scalp them in their home because they were there first? Mexicans bomb Texas at will? I’m sure you loved the IRA killing Brits. Really Roger?

You are naive Roger. I’m sure you are a good man by heart. But I’m also sure you try to use common sense to analyze Hamas and co.. A big mistake. You assume these terrorists think like you. Can you use your common sense talking with a fanatic suicide bomber? Or a person who brainwashed a teenager to be a suicide bomber? Telling him 72 virgins will wait for him in heaven? Did Americans understood the Kamikaze in Pearl Harbor? Do you justify the fanatics that crashed their plains into US civilian targets on Sep 11 2001 or the ones that bombed London targets on July 7 2005?

Let me quote from Wikipedia one of the London bombers:

‘Tanweer argued that the non-Muslims of Britain deserve such attacks because they voted for a government which “continues to oppress our mothers, children, brothers and sisters in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Chechnya.” ‘

So do you oppose British security profiling and taking action against these terrorists because you think that their cause is justified? This is what Israel is doing. Trying to prevent terror. Israel’s official stand, and the vast majority (there are always exceptions) of its citizens would love to live in peace, and they tried to do so for many years, unlike Hamas and co. Israeli forces are doing their best to prevent civilians getting hurt. You believe Israel should not strive to secure the safety of its citizens? Really Roger?

Dear Roger. You sit in your $20M house in England and do a white board analysis of a situation you do not understand. I wish that you had the opportunity to talk to one of the terrorist that bombed the Boston Marathon and try to understand from him why he did it, try to convince him it is wrong. You’ll be frustrated by feeling you are talking to a brick wall. I feel for you Roger. They say ignorance is a bliss, but you have too much exposure in this world to show off your ignorance as you do. And your opinions? You are as fanatic as these terrorists, your messages shows you do not try to understand the situation, but rather blindly try to prove a point you dug yourself  into, not trying to understand the situation.

London has the risk of becoming an extremist Islamic city in the near future. You might think it will never happen. Ask my mother. She and her uncle are the only family survivals of extremists. The vast majority of her Polish-Jewish family did not survive the holocaust. Other than her, her “crazy” uncle that foresaw the future and left to Israel was the only survivor. She was raised as Christian by the family house maid until she was ten, and bought back by her uncle (yes, he paid to get her). You were blessed with easy life Roger (in comparison, so did I). I tip my hat to your success and I’m sure it required hard work, but the fact that my kids can enjoy the Dark Side of the Moon, is due to the fact that my uncle was smart enough to see the trend and save himself and my mother. You read the world wrong Roger. Very wrong. People will die. People are dying. Innocent people. And not the ones you try to protect.

This should not even be called a conflict. This is Israel trying to prevent terrorism. I don’t think you support terrorism. If I’m mistaken and you do support it, you are part of the problem the world is facing. I hope you’re not.

Israelis are of the most innovative and entrepreneurial people you can find. They want nothing to do with killing any Arabs. Israelis do not want to spend any time nor effort defending themselves. Of course you’ll find exception, there’s always a crazy person shooting at school because he doesn’t like Mondays (thank you Bob), it doesn’t reflect on the whole population.  Israelis have to defend themselves, they do it out of necessity.

Serving in the army for a mandatory 3 years (2 years for women), serving in reserve for what is for most a month out of every year, risking life and spending so much precious time because of the need to defend Israel from suicide bombers that target civilizes, from kidnappers and murderers of kids, from barbaric lunatics that brutally kill anyone who think other than them (including their own if they are gay, abused women or anyone who doesn’t agree to be their human shield or is not a Muslim). You really think Israelis shouldn’t defend themselves? Really Roger?

I don’t expect you to admit you’re wrong. To a man like you who has experienced so much success and feels so powerful, the public humiliation of admitting you are wrong would be devastating to you at this point. Maybe softly toning down will be best. But please stop showing everyone, especially fans of your great musical creations, how you so miserably fail in understanding life. Get out of the Dark Side Roger, and into the light. We want to remember you for what you did best, not what you show us now you do worst.

Bibi Netaniahu
I was never a big fan of Bibi, but this sentence does capture the situation nicely.

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