Know who is your enemy.

I’m calling all peace-seeking residents of Gaza. Know your enemy. It should be obvious.

Hamas, as we now clearly know, does NOT want peace. If the majority of the people in Gaza want peace, why don’t they fight Hamas? That is your enemy.

Even if people in Gaza are still unarmed by now, with the chaos and craziness of many Hamas terrorists dead and injured, there must be enough weapons for anyone to scavenge. Hamas is so busy fighting with Israel that for the people in Gaza fighting Hamas from the inside should be much more practical, now more than ever.

Or would they rather die, watch their women and children forced by Hamas to act as human shields? Witness their homes, schools and hospitals being used as Hamas missile – launching pads and fighting centers?

Why are all the so-called humanitarians not calling for the “innocent people of Gaza” to resist Hamas? Not fight against them? Not join Israel in the fight to eradicate these terrorist barbarians?

If the majority is truly seeking peace, they should fight for it, like many nations have and still do. The United States is fighting for peace. Even Switzerland, the country most associated with neutrality, is taking part in peacekeeping activities, with mandatory army service, after which all serve in army reserves, even keeping their weapons at home. Peace unfortunately does not come or continue without maintenance and diligence. If your peace is threatened, there are times you must fight in order to regain it.

Israel fights for peace. If you are a Gaza resident and want to live in peace – help Israel rid the ones who terrorize your life, who use your money to fund and increase their arsenal for the sole purpose of attacking Israel, instead of building schools, hospitals and infrastructure to improve your life. Hamas uses you, your wives and your children as human shields for their bloodthirsty campaign. GET RID OF HAMAS! Standing on the sidelines doing nothing or crying to the world to help will not save you! Hamas doesn’t care about you and therefore will relentlessly use you, the innocent people of Gaza, for their fanatic fight that knows no moral bounds.

I call all in Gaza who are victims of Hamas to fight. Fight against Hamas. Save your women. Protect your children and save yourselves. It is a fight for peace.

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