Why Palestinians are so damn lucky that Israel has Iron Dome to protect it?

• I’ll mention again that peace is all I wish for. I want no fighting; I don’t even want to spend time writing about it. It doesn’t mean that I cannot fight, or will not fight if I need to defend myself – ruthlessly if needed – when left with no other choice.

So…Imagine a scenario where Israel did not have the Iron Dome system to protect its citizens. Last month, during the second week of July, Hamas fired over a thousand rockets toward Israel, targeting civilians. Yes, this is in the first week only. Without Iron Dome many of these Hamas missiles would have landed on heavily populated areas in Israel, killing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Israelis.

What would have happened if that was the case? Israel would have flattened Gaza with air strikes within hours. Probably during the first or second day of that week. No warnings, no hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of text messages, phone calls and leaflets to say “here we come, run away”, no small “warning” missiles before blowing up missiles-holding buildings, no surgically targeted strikes, no considerate door to door careful cleanup…

A complete annihilation of Gaza within hours. So fast no halfwit UN anti-Israeli representative will have time to say “but we saw Hamas videos showing kids…”. Actually, Hamas would not even had a chance to take any fabricated videos let alone “set them up” to show women and kids, or to distribute those fake videos. Too fast for Gazawood Fakeumentaries. (did I just coin that?).

Bunker Busters, missiles, bombs. No gloves. Heavy and fast. Bye Bye. Instant flat. Two dimension. Flatland (book’s name, not my credit).

If missiles would have come down heavily on Israel, on populated areas, it would have left Israel with only one choice – stop it, stop it fast, and stop it for good. No other choice really.

So… Palestinians are so damn lucky that Israel is so dedicated to defend itself. Lucky that such innovation exists in Israel. Lucky that Iron Dome’s development was fast enough to have it fully operational in time for this month-long-thousands-of-missiles Hamas attack. It is what prevented Hamas missiles from hitting Israel cities and from a devastating unprecedented response to it by the IDF.

I think that Palestinians should start a fund. It should be called “The Iron Dome Fund”. All proceeds will directly go to the IDF’s defense systems. Palestinians should start lobbying Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, UAE, and yes, USA, UK, hell, everybody! Start a Kickstarter project if you have to! Shout out to the UN and to everybody! “Save us! Please finance Iron Dome, please give Israel all the money needed!”.

Iron Dome saved thousands of Palestinian lives by saving Israeli lives.

Unfortunately, with the fanatical terrorists that live among Palestinians, it might be needed again.

Raise money Palestine! Support Israel! If you didn’t understand it yet, Israel is your only hope. Hamas is your demise.

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