PCMF – Post COVID Mask Fixation

I see two phenomena happening now:

  • People can’t take their mask off
  • People can’t stand others not wearing a mask

I call this Post COVID Mask Fixation or PCMF . It seems that because people, for over a year now, got so used to wear masks and afraid that if they won’t something terrible will happen, that they can’t take it off or shake it off.

About 40% of the US population is now fully vaccinated. Considering that about a quarter of the population are kids (16 or younger) it means that more than half of the adults you see are fully vaccinated and have COVID immunity, and a good bunch of others had COVID naturally have COVID immunity now.

Let’s, conservatively, say that 50% of the adults in the US have COVID immunity now. Add to it that chances of getting COVID outdoors proved to be close to zero. Yet… I see the vast majority of people still wearing masks outside. And they look at you as if you are a criminal if you don’t wear one.

Don’t get me started about NJ indoor mask mandate, that, as of today, is still not lifted (supposed to be lifted this Friday).

If you’re vaccinated it means close to zero chances getting COVID, and if you get it, you either won’t even know it or won’t need anything but a little rest. Yet people, even if fully vaccinated, still wear masks.

Media, the administration, all push masks and fear, even after the CDC lifted mask recommendations and declared risk of infection outside is virtually zero. Not getting into a discussion about what was science based and what wasn’t, the fact is, the vaccines prove to work amazingly well, and people, even fully vaccinated, are still afraid of getting it, and wear mask. We can all think for ourselves and can decide when to take a risk with anything we do. Enough with that really. Let people be responsible for themselves, or not. www.DarwinAwards.com

VP Kamala Harris on May 5th 2021, outside, both fully vaccinated, kissing her husband with masks:

President Joe Biden, wearing a mask (the only one) during a virtual video call with other world leaders:

Biden mocked for wearing Covid mask during VIRTUAL climate change summit -  YouTube

Or should we call him Joke Biden?

UPDATE 5/28/2021 First day of lifted mask mandate in NJ, one of the last states to do so.
I’ve visited 3 store – Walgreens, Farmers’ Market and a Supermarket. I was THE ONLY ONE without a mask. Really. Even in the parking lot, EVERY SINGLE PERSON WORE A MASK. Now again, AT LEAST half of adults are FULLY VACCINATED. I reset my case, PCMF. But I’ll keep monitoring.

UPADTE 6/2/2021. It’s really unbelievable. In the last few days I visited hardware stores, restaurants, grocery stores, malls, cafes, drove in NYC – pretty much everyone is still wearing a mask in NJ. NY on the street probably 50%-70% still with masks, in stores most everyone. Some people look at me with angry eyes (can’s see much more under their mask) as I’m without a mask.

Where’s Waldo? This video was taken in NYC near Times Square on May 29 2021 – a couple of months after NYC lifted outdoor masks mandate. I randomly took it while driving with my phone in it’s dashboard holder. As you can see, it’s very hard to spot anyone without a mask (I found two…).

For how long PCMF will hold?

UPDATE 06/14/2021 in northern NJ the vast majority of people still wear masks everywhere, even outside and some even in their cars. Really. No joke.

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