Words, acronyms and phrases I made up

So this post will be live.
I’ll be adding made up words, phrases and acronyms. Use at your own risk.

Service Rage
Like road rage, but from customer (no) service.
For instance, when calling for the fifth time your cable provider, each time being on the phone for over 2 hours, and only once you get to speak to someone (who barely speaks English) and after “verifying” with you your shoe size five times – disconnects you.

IQ Deficiency
If you don’t get it, you’re diagnosed positive.

Self explanatory. Also see here.

They keep talking about underlying conditions, but it seems that it is mostly related to people that are obese, so I say it is an overlying condition.
overlying condition

Post COVID Mask Fixation. People, even when fully vaccinated, outdoors or by themselves in their own car, still wear masks. It’s a fixation. For over a year they were made to be afraid of breathing. Now they can’t get rid of the need to have a mask on their faces, even though they have a better chance of the sky falling on their head (Vitalstatistix) .

Pseudo Anonymous Donor. Or PADS if you want to add Syndrome to describe the condition. People that donate anonymously and then post about it. Also a good fit people who get awards and post about it themselves, as they probably do both.

A person that keeps crying about racists. I’m against racism. Or anti-Semitism. Or any misjustice. But I’m also against crying. ‘nough said.

A person that talks in big words about green stuff from a very narrow point of view. Like saying electric cars will solve the problem, when electricity is still made with fossil fuel. Or using corn based disposable cups when it take more energy and waste to make them than regular disposables. And the same person driving an SUV or flying to ski in Switzerland twice a year.
My Green Energy post from 2008

So Idiotic That It’s Unexplainable. It’s when you see or hear something and it’s so obvious how stupid it is that you can’t find the words to explain and you’ll feel stupid trying to explain it out loud (you know that if you will try and explain it, the only response you’ll get will be “duh”).

I won’t get old ever, but some people do, and sometimes they have wrinkles and shrinkage combined, and it results in what can only be referred to (from now on) as shrinkels.

No more masks. Self explanatory. Here’s a T shirt I made for it, in case you really like it, click to visit the store:

NO MAS(K) white

Like everything in life, I find the best in every situation and make the best out of it (or change it if I can), and always try to find the funny side of things. So the pandemic was no different. Yes, lots of people died, and it was sad for many, but I was happy as usual and laughed most of the time because it’s better to laugh than cry.

Well, that’s my contribution to LGBTQIA to be really all inclusive and not discriminatory. I added H at the end to include Heterosexual.

When a black person gets mad about a white person trying to define black people as a group, say what they think or do or should think or do “for their own good” (see Biden saying that if you didn’t decide who you vote to “you ain’t black”. Leo 2.0 (Leo Terrell) this one is for you, you blacklash daily, go Leo! I whitelash, but it doesn’t sound as good.

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