No, I didn’t invent this. Well, I did, but… I did not invent LGBTQIA. Really. It’s a thing. Here’s the source:

We use the acronym LGBTQIA at Tech to stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, (questioning), intersex, asexual, and (agender). While we do this with intentionality, it is still possible to hear many variations of the acronym in use on our campus (i.e. LGBT, LGBTQ, etc.).
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No, really, just Google it, here’s another source:

But I feel this is highly discriminatory. Though it is trying to include every damn human definition you can think of, it is missing a huge group and COMPLETLY ignores it! For all the organizations that shout they care so much about everyone, how can they leave out heterosexuals? UNBELEIVABLE!!!

So this needs to be corrected. From now on I request to add an H at the end to represent the biggest group which is obviously currently discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and COMPLETLY IGNORED.

So please, use ONLY – LGBTQIAH . We are proud too.

Disclaimer to shut up anyone who might be trying hard to get offended by the above – I’m all for freedom of everything, for people to do whatever they want, and accept anyone that is not hurting others with whatever they do. That includes me.

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  1. Yes! I had not even realized how I was being discriminated against until now. Let’s go LGBTQIAH. You can’t be inclusive without us Heterosexuals.


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