Chicken Scarpariello the short version

Chicken Scarpariello is usually done with sausage and a bunch of stuff, but there’s a version that I much prefer, and is similar to what is served in Carmine’s restaurant in NYC.

My version is made with chicken thighs, and is relatively simple – marinate for at least an hour in lemon juice (at least three lemons), thyme, a little oregano, salt, black pepper, garlic and hot pepper. Then place in an oven pan, herbs on the bottom, chicken on top with all the marinade juices, put some butter on top of the chicken, some more salt and pepper, cook for 40 min on 450f, then broil for 20 minutes. Sometimes I do a quick version on the stove, crisp the chicken first with a little butter and olive oil then add the lemon juice and spices and cook covered for 10 minutes, then uncover and reduce the sauce a bit. Either way I really like it…

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