New COVID-19 Farta Variant Released!

The moment ya’ll been waiting for!

The Wuhan Lab just announced it officially released the COVID-19 Farta Variant!
Billions around the world already stand in line around the block all over the universe to be the first ones to be infected by this new and improved version.

Per the CDC, the Center for Disinformation Chiefs, and Dr. Anthony Faultci, this Farta variant is lots of fun. It’s will, for sure, become a center attraction at parties, carnivals and special events everywhere!

It was designed especially to bypass all vaccinations and naturally occurring immune mechanisms, and, with proper viral load, to induce gasses like never before, that when lit, produce Aurora-Burials-like effects right in front of you. Or behind you. The possibilities are endless!

Side effects may include death, our sources say.

COVID-19 Farta Variant
Gaseous Enhanced Quantum Scanning Microscope Image
Courtesy of the Flatulent Institute of Technology

For more information please refer to anywhere else but here.

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