Simplifying Politics

When starting to talk politics, it’s common to get long explanations and debates why one’s opinion is this or that.

I’m always for simplifying things, it makes it easier to grasp.

As I see it, from experience, when complicating an explanation, it’s usually to mask something, either facts or the lack of knowledge of the person explaining. Hamana-hamana-hamana.

So, as to politics, when trying to judge performance, I oversimplify. How did it affect or affect me now.

Here’s what affected me most during the last 3 administrations.

During Obama, two major things affected me most.
1. Obamacare regulations caused my health insurance provider to shut down and price gone crazy up, and kept going up while services you got for it were getting worse.
2. Obama promised that money will be available for small companies. The opposite happened, small companies couldn’t get a lone unless they had cash reserves, which of course means they don’t need a loan.
3. Obama was pretty terrible to Israel, and it indirectly affected me I have family in Israel.
During Obama gas prices were low at one point (mid of second term) but climbed back up to almost the highest levels at the end of his term.

During Trump:
1. Gas prices overall kept dropping and dropping , substantially.
2. Health insurance cost didn’t go down, but it hardly went up.
3. His support of Israel helped Israel and was a psychological relief that he showed strength that is so important to keep enemies of Israel and the rest of the western world at bay.
4. Amazingly fast Vaccine development saved lives and gave hope for a better day.
5. Stimulus checks helped with the pandemic situation, though sometimes too much (discouraged return to work).
6. Division over the president integrity became huge, to a point people didn’t admit they support Trump to avoid shit-show conflicts.

During Biden’s (first year and change as of now):
1. Gas prices more than doubled.
2. Mask and vaccine mandates pretty much killed my main income.
3. Inflation translates to a huge financial burden.
4. Store shelves are literally empty.
5. Local safety became a concern. I’m planning to get a gun just in case.
6. Israel and the world is threatened more than ever by everyone – Iran, China, Russia, which is highly unnerving.

As I said, oversimplifying. sure, and things that affect personally are definitely more short term. But that’s what I feel and how it affected me directly. Sure there are other things I see as huge problems, like the southern border situation (I’m sure in some of the border towns will list their huge concerns), pushing green energy that is insufficient to support us, while shutting down traditional energy production without solutions to replace it. I also mistrust the government now more than ever, and unfortunately that includes establishments that were pretty much considered bulletproof before like the FBI. Elections are questionable, media, traditional and online, is not to be trusted, corruptions and coverups, as Dr. House said, everybody lies.

So that’s it. If you have anything to add, please do.

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