A quick thought re firearms


I’m all for the second amendment. My mother is a holocaust survivor and I won’t give up my right to defend myself from anyone including the government. Yep. People felt very safe in the 30’s in Europe, and were killed shortly after by the millions. Having the ability to defend yourself is a way to keep the peace. Switzerland not only allow purchasing of fully automatic weapons (with permit), almost every household has a gun. They also have mandatory army service and reserve. No issue with mass shooting.

Saying that and to my point here – why is it that in order to drive a car you need to train and pass both a written and driving tests, yet in order to buy/use a gun you need no training or qualification at all?

Training and qualification test (safe handling more important than marksmanship) for weapons can serve a few issues – safety, time delay between first weapon request and purchase, and the trainer can raise flags if needed if the person seems “off” in any way (this can be a procedure where if a trainer raises a flag, a second trainer gives a second opinion etc.).

That’s my thought for the day.

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