New Pandemic – Donkey Schmucks

Monkeypox seems to be completely under control, but…
An increasing and worrisome number of cases of Donkey Schmucks has been reports in all US states. Patient Zero has been suspected to be from the D.C. area or Delaware, where also most cases were reported, with other relatively high density of cases observed in CA, NY, NJ and a few others.

According to the CDC, the Center of Delusion Control and Proliferation, the main symptoms are severe incompetence, lack of managerial skills, hardheadedness, intolerance, childish behavior, lack of willingness to listen to others, pathological lying, ass-covering, misinformation, wokeness, cancel cloture, in some cases can be manifested as extreme low IQ, complete dopiness and even senility. Other symptoms were observed to the level of disbelief. For the full list of symptoms please listen to the news, it’s easy to figure it out if you have half a brain and look at the facts. Or just listen to people talking at the gas pump or the supermarket, it’s very revealing.

But there is hope. According to recent studies, the Pandemic has a good chance to shrink and will be semi-controlled by the end of 2022, with an optimistic prediction of a real improvement by the end of 2024 or early 2025. In good we trust.

New Pandemic? Donkey Schmucks
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