The Brave One- Movie Review


This is a movie that at the end you think to yourself “Why did they make it”?  “Was there anything original or surprising there? Nah.”.

It is not a bad movie when you consider  the acting or the way it is made, but… it is slow, predictable, the music can put you to sleep faster than, well, real fast. Yes, there are shooting scenes, they are all technically done well, but it is so predictable and un-climaxy (yes, I take the liberty to abuse the English language) that you will snooze even on the action scenes, and will be snoring in the in-betweens.

Jodie Foster is paying her regular serious put-me-in-a-bad-situation character that smiles on rare occasions if at all. Terrence Howard is OK playing the cop, and Naveen Andrews as Jodie’s boyfriend looks like he knew the producer so they gave him the part, I felt like it was forced casting. The acting is OK, but just not a good fit.

Sorry Jodie and the gang, just can’t recommend this one… skip it….


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