Pizza flavored chicken – Recipe

Fun and quick one. I made this one up for the kids one day a long time ago  just for fun, and they really liked it, so I guess  I can share…


Chicken  breast – for this I usually use the frozen chicken tenderloins from Costco (well, when I originally made them it was called Price Club….), but it can be made from any chicken breast. Cut to cubes about 1” in size, or whatever floats you boat…

Garlic – 2 cloves, sliced

Olive oil


Dry oregano (in the spices section if you need an explanation…). I’m not sure why I used oregano (probably whatever was in front of me), but it came out good…. You can modify of course, use dry basil, or pizza dry mixed herbs.

Black pepper to taste.  If spicy is good, you can use a little hot red pepper (powder) as Cayenne or similar.


Fry the garlic a little in a pan with the olive oil (30 seconds, no more cuase it gets bitter) to get the flavor into the oil, add the chicken and fry until it starts to get white on the outside (real quick). Add some Ketchup, Dry Oregano, black/red pepper to taste, stir on a small flame for a couple of minutes and serve.


Now that’s up to you.  It can be good with just bread or garlic bread, rice, pasta…. You should know what your kids like…or you… slice some tomatoes and cucumbers on the side.


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