iPad Wall Bracket

Sometimes it seems that people have to find an excuse after they buy an iPad. You buy it, but will you use it? Hmmm….it’s a cool device, but how useful is it? I’m not arguing with the bottom line, they sell like hot cakes, or pancakes maybe in this case, but yet.

Well, the nice thing about technology, is that once you put it in the hands of millions of users, they find creative ways to use it. You think Apple planned the iPhone to be used as a Zippo lighter?

So here comes the iPad. So cool. And then the ideas…use it for in-store survey…sign to our mailing list…trade show directory…promotional info…With connectivity built into it with such ease, it’s an amazing tool for many business and home applications.

But. It’s so portable, that it’s more than tempting to just take it and walk away. Here comes the Wall Bracket to the rescue. This add on is a secured mount for the iPad, with options to either block the home button or not, and it elegantly secures the iPad while keeping its streamlines and functionality. Simple and cool. Check it out, they have a business and a home versions (for in-house automation, music center etc). Feel free to write a review if you got one.


iPad Wall Mounting Bracket
iPad Wall Mounting Bracket

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