Don’t Judge

Don’t judge.
For some reason I had cocktail hot dogs stuck in my brain, so I got some, and this happened when it was dinner time.

Hot dogs and thin sliced onions went into the toaster oven for 25 minutes on 450f.

A little butter on two small buns I sliced, and since the oven was busy with the dogs, I seared the buns with a plumbing torch. Then I placed one slice of prosciutto on each, and seared it a bit with the torch, and since the torch was on, a few sliced grape tomatoes received torch love and got burnt edges.

Then I places a handful of blueberries in a bowel with some sugar and water, and microwaved (oh no!) it for 5 minutes (covered!), then smeared it on the prosciutto.

By then the dogs and onions were broiled so I took them out, cut the tiny dogs in half the long way, placed on the blueberries prosciutto, and covered with the onions. I ate it all.

Don’t judge.

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