Babylon A.D. – Movie Review

  Nah…. Weak story, mediocre acting, too unclear action scenes,  Blade Runner wannabe city scenes, some light Parkour action, nothing really hits the target. Vin Diesel needs a strong movie to shine; he can’t hold a movie on his own. I’m not saying anything bad about him, he’s gone a long way from being a … Read more

Pizza flavored chicken – Recipe

Fun and quick one. I made this one up for the kids one day a long time ago  just for fun, and they really liked it, so I guess  I can share… Ingredients Chicken  breast – for this I usually use the frozen chicken tenderloins from Costco (well, when I originally made them it was … Read more

Death Race – Movie Review

   I like Jason Statham… you know, Transporter, Crank, Snatch, Lock Stock… yeah, he’s cool. The movie starts with what gave me the feeling this is going to be bad… like a cheap bad acting movie… but it becomes a surprisingly entertaining movie. Good action, maybe a little confusing at times, cool characters, Jason I … Read more

Jambalaya – Recipe

Well, I’m not Creole… but like spicy food… The story starts with me fishing with the kids at Lake Hopatcong (great place). We’ve been there before, and last time I made seafood pasta with the fish we got (maybe I’ll write about it sometime…). This time, the last fish of the day was a small … Read more


I love cooking and love eating good food. I’m not pretending to be an expert (at anything) but I’m getting good feedback and repeat “customers” (well, free helps too…). I’m going to write here whatever recipes come to mind, or I make. I’m not accurate with anything I cook – it’s a matter of what … Read more

Café Lalo – Restaurant Review

Go for dessert or to sit and chat over coffee….   201 W 83rd St New York, NY 10024   (212) 496-6031 Map Lalo is a noisy little café with a huge selection of desserts, good coffee, nice selection of breakfast and brunch items, full bar and a great atmosphere… Don’t expect to … Read more

Tropic Thunder – Movie Review

Great trailer – not so much the movie… (and the name is Tropic Thunder, not Tropical Thunder…) Click For Trailer So here’s the skinny on this one. Robert Downey Jr is funny as you can see in the trailer. Tom Cruise’s character is funny mostly because it’s so not Cruise, and once I saw him … Read more

The NOHO Star – Restaurant Review

The picture is not a mirror image, that’s the way the sign is… 330 Lafayette St New York, NY 10012 (212) 925-0070  Map The NOHO Star is good food, good service, nice atmosphere, somewhat diner style. We had brunch, steak and egg, served with grits, all were good, fresh OJ was good, coffee was … Read more