Power outages

We have PSE&G here, I also have experience with ConEdison (NYC).  Same. The system is lousy. The service is lousy. Prices are high. In our area, all power lines are up on the poles, nothing is in the ground. Every time there’s a storm or strong wind trees and branches are falling. Every time they … Read more


I don’t have much to say about it, but I need just to ask, aren’t you frustrated with how inaccurate the weather forecast is? Just wondering If I’m the only one…. L.

An almost Iron Man Movie Review

I wish I could write it. I went to the movie theater and a storm started. I got tickets, and then because of the storm there were black and brown outs, and all movies were stopped and they closed the movie theatre. On my way home, everything looked like a war zone. Trees down, branches … Read more

Ringworld by Larry Niven – Book Review

A lot has been written about Ringworld – it is like a cult book, with people analyzing it from all aspects, looking for scientific contradictions, plot inconsistencies…. I just like the book very much. It’s an adventure, with twists and turns, cool character and amazing ideas of technology, devices, tools, Aliens and their behavior and … Read more

Oil Prices

The Arab countries still have us by the balls. One word from Iran about sanctions and prices jump up even more. I don’t want to get into a discussion about Iran because I’m trying to stay calm. There are many who’ll argue about the price of fuel (blown up for no real reason, high tax … Read more