An almost Iron Man Movie Review

I wish I could write it. I went to the movie theater and a storm started. I got tickets, and then because of the storm there were black and brown outs, and all movies were stopped and they closed the movie theatre. On my way home, everything looked like a war zone. Trees down, branches … Read more

Ringworld by Larry Niven – Book Review

A lot has been written about Ringworld – it is like a cult book, with people analyzing it from all aspects, looking for scientific contradictions, plot inconsistencies…. I just like the book very much. It’s an adventure, with twists and turns, cool character and amazing ideas of technology, devices, tools, Aliens and their behavior and … Read more

Oil Prices

The Arab countries still have us by the balls. One word from Iran about sanctions and prices jump up even more. I don’t want to get into a discussion about Iran because I’m trying to stay calm. There are many who’ll argue about the price of fuel (blown up for no real reason, high tax … Read more

Carmine’s – Restaurant Review

You’re not going to stay hungry. They have a few locations (NYC, Atlantic City, Paradise Island). I’ve been to the two NYCs: 200 W. 44 st. New York, NY 10036 Phone: (212)-221-3800   And my preferred one: 2450 Broadway  (Between 90th and 91st) New York, NY 10024 Phone: (212)-362-2200   Carmine’s serves dishes … Read more

Lucien – Restaurant Review

Don’t tell anyone about it, I don’t want it to get too crowded. 14 1st Avenue New York, NY 10009 Phone: (212) 260-6481   Lucien is one of those gems you want to tell only people you really like about. The place is very small, with a small bar and amazing food. French food … Read more

Sushi Samba – Restaurant Review

They have a few of them in the US  – NYC, Chicago, Miami, Dallas… I’ve been to the two in NYC:   245 Park Ave S New York, NY 10003-1404 Phone: (212) 475-9377   And   87 7th Ave S New York, NY 10014-3415 Phone: (212) 691-7885   I’m writing one review for both, … Read more


I’m not going to mention any specific name in this insert, but I’ll try and do some restaurant reviews (my kind of review…) in separate notes. Live 15 minutes from NYC, love food, cook myself, and visit a good amount of restaurants, and believe I have a good pallet for food – which of course … Read more

Energy / Green

I follow what they say about global warming and the way they try to solve it. Sounds to me that in most cases there are motives other than the real issue driving things, lack of knowledge, or just not looking at the whole picture. Saying blindly that things need to be green doesn’t work – … Read more