Get Smart – Movie Review

This one was funny. Steve Carell is a perfect Max, and the movie is very true to the original in a modern way… maybe too true at times, with a few too silly parts… The cast is good…. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is fun as usual, Alan Arkin is acting great, Anne Hathaway was cool…. … Read more

Oil Prices – grrrrr.

I’m no expert on global economy neither about oil prices, but the way I see it, oil prices control can be classified as terrorism. Generally speaking (and there should be a disclaimer here) it doesn’t get more expensive to produces oil, definitely not at the same increase factors that oil prices are taking, so prices … Read more

Power outages

We have PSE&G here, I also have experience with ConEdison (NYC).  Same. The system is lousy. The service is lousy. Prices are high. In our area, all power lines are up on the poles, nothing is in the ground. Every time there’s a storm or strong wind trees and branches are falling. Every time they … Read more


I don’t have much to say about it, but I need just to ask, aren’t you frustrated with how inaccurate the weather forecast is? Just wondering If I’m the only one…. L.