PLEASE SHARE. THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL PLAY. THIS IS ABOUT FREE SPEECH.WE CAN ALL FORM OUR OWN OPINIONS, JUDGE AND DECIDE OURSELVES.INFORMATION MUST BE PROVIDED TO US, AND NOT CONTROLLED BY “BIG BROTHERS”. Social media and news venues should not censor items or block whoever is sharing information just because of their opinions or … Read more

Hummus coexistence

Tel Aviv supermarket

I’m visiting Israel. Crazy? Maybe not… I can write about many things I see, but what hit me as so damn obvious here is coexistence. It’s not that I never saw it before, but in the current situation, and when Israel is being bashed by so many nitwits, it became so revealing. What do I … Read more

Know who is your enemy.

I’m calling all peace-seeking residents of Gaza. Know your enemy. It should be obvious. Hamas, as we now clearly know, does NOT want peace. If the majority of the people in Gaza want peace, why don’t they fight Hamas? That is your enemy. Even if people in Gaza are still unarmed by now, with the … Read more

I just saw Herzl at a bar.

Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl at a bar

I just saw Herzl at a bar. You know, Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl. At first I thought, oh boy, maybe he’s here to drink away his sorrows, with Israel, the modern state he envisioned, forced to fight, defending itself from Hamas’ barrage of missiles, and from ridicules public opinions, blamed for not being careful enough in its … Read more

Really Roger? My response to Roger Waters

This is in response to Roger Waters’  “A note from Roger – July 11, 2014“, and to his overall anti-Israel opinion. Really Roger? I’d like to see your reaction if Italians would break into your house and try to butcher your wife Laurie. Or try and shoot your son Jack in his house, or bomb … Read more


I don’t like politics. My writing here is for the sole reason of thinking about democracy as it is practiced today. So, Obaden or Mcalin? Election shmelection… Who determines it? Let me make some assumptions here… My first and most important assumption would be that over 90% of voters do not know much about the … Read more

Oil Prices – grrrrr.

I’m no expert on global economy neither about oil prices, but the way I see it, oil prices control can be classified as terrorism. Generally speaking (and there should be a disclaimer here) it doesn’t get more expensive to produces oil, definitely not at the same increase factors that oil prices are taking, so prices … Read more

Oil Prices

The Arab countries still have us by the balls. One word from Iran about sanctions and prices jump up even more. I don’t want to get into a discussion about Iran because I’m trying to stay calm. There are many who’ll argue about the price of fuel (blown up for no real reason, high tax … Read more

Energy / Green

I follow what they say about global warming and the way they try to solve it. Sounds to me that in most cases there are motives other than the real issue driving things, lack of knowledge, or just not looking at the whole picture. Saying blindly that things need to be green doesn’t work – … Read more