Biden is being replaced with Text To Speech

Joe Biden Text to Speech

Hot Fakin’News! The Biden administration decided to use text to speech from now on, to eliminate any mistakes Biden will make while reading the prompter. “Why not eliminate the middleman” Pelosi said, while Kamala was nodding and giggling. The official statement also said it will save tax payers money as free-of-reading-Joe will not need more … Read more

BLM officially changed the acronym!

Yes, it’s still BLM, but what does it stand for now? The official announcement was made by one of BLM founders while relaxing at one of her multi-million dollar mansions, she stated that it should be a more descriptive acronym. To make it true to the actual group activities, now BLM stands for Busted Looting … Read more

New COVID-19 Farta Variant Released!


The moment ya’ll been waiting for! The Wuhan Lab just announced it officially released the COVID-19 Farta Variant! Billions around the world already stand in line around the block all over the universe to be the first ones to be infected by this new and improved version. Per the CDC, the Center for Disinformation Chiefs, … Read more

Facebook now allows you to post!

In a bold move that shook the social networks industry, and left trillions of creatures around the universe with their jaw or whatever other body part dropped, Facebook made today an announcement that can only described as innovative, ground breaking and brave! Mark the date! As of today, Facebook will allow you to post stuff! … Read more


This just in! The Biden administration, in collaboration with Anthony Faultci that in late 2019 got to an agreement with China that only certified organic COVID-19 viruses will be released to the public, has just announced that after lengthy discussions, that took over 7 minutes, a new agreement with China was reached, and all COVID-19 … Read more